5 Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Styles

When it comes to kitchen cabinetry there is a vast array of styles and design to contend with. This can give most homeowners looking into remodeling their home a challenge in selecting the best quality custom cabinets. But that doesn’t have to be the case, especially if we are talking about the top orange county kitchens in California. We’ve put together a handy list of the most popular kitchen cabinet styles right now. Use any one of these styles and your kitchen remodel will be well on its way.

1.            Glass Front Cabinets
Glass-front cabinets bring to the kitchen a serene mix of style and practicality. The style finishes for glass-front range from reflective and spandrel, all the way to clear and acoustic. Want a finish that gives some of the traditional privacy? The satin finish is the answer. From the practical side these style cabinets can give you instant visual on its contents. They can even be illuminated for that extra touch in creating a stylish ambiance. The materials used other than glass in making these wonders in cabinetry can be anything you want but wood is the popular choice by far.

2.     Shaker Style
Shaker style cabinets are the link between high tradition and the functional demands of the modern kitchen. Simple and functional, these cabinets deliver flat-paneled doors with accompanying rail frames that add a very ornate look to the modern kitchen. The finish for the shaker style is varied, but in most kitchens the natural wood cabinetry is painted normally in white. Shakers blend well with most other kitchen pieces, including work tops and islands. The somewhat deep inset that sets the panels in relief is a haven for dust and dirt so regular cleaning is a must with this old but tested style. Some of the finest kitchens are known to have the shaker as their focal point.

3.       Rustic Style
The deep rich smell of the countryside on a summer’s morning is the inspiration for the rustic style cabinets in most kitchens. The rustic style is characterized by warm, earthy colors that give that unfinished and natural look. These cabinets are not for anyone seeking a minimalist motif in their kitchen as the rustic style cabinets loom large and can be quite a focal point in a kitchen. The handles that provide access to these cabinet drawers and doors are usually finished in brass or wrought-iron; these provide the added edge needed to give rustic cabinets their strong appeal. The family is often at the heart of this choice and most designers will make sure that the services they offer help deliver this rustic look.

4.     Beadboard Cabinets
Beadboard cabinets are an excellent way to add detail and texture to your kitchen without going too far as in the kitchen cabinets described above. The fitted vertical slats that come together to give that beaded look, are an excellent way to provide that added charm and character to the kitchen. The deep grooves come with their downsides, however and regular cleaning is essential to keep them looking spiffy. In terms of finish, beadboard cabinets have a smooth, almost texture-less appearance due to the medium-density fiberboard that is typically used to make them. The showroom finish on some cabinets is a sight to behold and can fetch a premium price.

5.     Craftsman Style
If the rustic style above is a purveyor of more earthy tastes, then the craftsman is the bridge between what is common and what is exclusive. Craftsman style cabinets are known for their liberal use of heavy woods which tend to push their prices above the average styles out there. The woods used to make them include maple, cherry, oak, and sometimes hickory. But what really brings craftsmen cabinets to life are the workmanship and build-quality that help give them that exclusive appeal. The hardware on them can be quite ornate depending on taste but all in all there is an essence of minimalism that helps craftsman cabinets to stand out. Since paneling isn’t flat, there are some deep-set corners and nooks that have to be maintained.

We believe that your kitchen interior can be a thing of beauty and function by using any one of these styles. Indeed remodeling a house is not quite the same unless kitchen cabinetry is a big part of that project.These styles are modern and functional and will help you achieve your kitchen remodeling ambitions.

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